Flog, 10/19/2012 (Meatza Friday)

It’s been pouring in D.C. tonight. Feels like the city, and with it the past week, is getting washed clean.

Sleep: 8 hours again :-D

Breakfast: 4 eggs cooked with some ghee and dried dill, raw zucchini, peppermint tea

Lunch: chopped grilled chicken with homemade mayo, broccoli slaw, raspberry zinger from this herbal tea pack

Snack: baby carrots with guacamole, grilled asparagus

Dinner: Tonight I made meatza!

Paleo pizza!

Inspired by something I saw a while back on PaleOMG, I made a meat “crust” by pressing about 1lb of ground grassfed beef into a cake pan and baking it in the oven for about 20 mins at 375*. Then I topped it with 1C of tomato sauce (I used Rao’s) and a bunch of leftover veggies I had in the fridge: chard, eggplant and asparagus. Then I stuck that back in the oven for maybe 10-15 mins until the sauce and toppings warmed up.

I ate 1/3 of the meatza pie. So good!

It turned out really good! I have to remember to make this again.

I also had some leftover roasted root vegetables on the side, a sliced apple with cinnamon sprinkled on top, and a couple tbsp coconut butter.


1,896 calories, 123.9g fat, 94.8g carbs, 110.8g protein


Tonight’s workout started with a warmup and mobility mash party with the cue “Pray for Pain.” Awesome. I spent time on today’s crunchiest areas, lax ball-ing my thoracic spine and the gnarly knot in the inside of my lower inner thighs.


3 rounds: 30 secs box dips, 60 secs rest, 3-6 good mornings (31×1), 60 secs rest, 30 secs tuck sit, 60 secs rest

– Rounds 1: 16 dips, 6 good mornings @ 45#, 30 secs tuck sit

– Round 2: 17 dips, 6 good mornings @ 55#, 30 secs tuck sit

– Round 3: 18 dips, 6 good mornings @ 55#, 30 secs tuck sit

And finally:

Our “pain prayers” were answered in the form of “Fran” — 21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups. I felt okay doing the thrusters and got through the first set of 21 unbroken. But the pull-ups… man, they wrecked me. I don’t know how I finished. Still, I somehow cut 40 seconds off my previous time (same scaling) from Sept. 24.

– “Fran” — 8:45 @ 45#, wide band

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