Flog, 10/18/2012

I fell asleep last night reading a borrowed copy of Well Fed and woke up feeling so inspired to try some new recipes. Couldn’t wait all day to get back in the kitchen :-)

Sleep: 8 hours.

I’ve been on such a great sleep roll for the last couple of weeks — a huge change from the terrible insomnia I went through over the summer and early fall. Magnesium and melatonin supplements, herbal teas, and powering down the laptop/TV at an early hour were helpful, but the biggest improvement happened when I stopped sleeping with my cell phone right next to my head! I guess even on silent and turned face-down, the little blinking light was messing with me. I now charge it way across the apartment in the living room. It’s amazing that something as natural as sleep takes such a huge effort to get right.

Breakfast: 4 eggs cooked with some ghee and dried dill, raw zucchini

Lunch: chopped grilled chicken with homemade mayo, cherry tomatoes, broccoli slaw with balsamic vinegar

After work I went to the farmer’s market/grocery store and picked up some ground grassfed beef, bones for bone broth, a pork shoulder, brussels sprouts, parsnips, butternut squash, carrots, tomatoes, asparagus, and apples. (Next week is the last week of my farmer’s market until next spring, so sad.) I’ve already started cooking up a bunch of the vegetables so they’re ready for dinner and breakfast/lunch tomorrow.

Snack: baked eggplant “chips”


I browned some ground beef and seasoned it with a little salt, red pepper flakes and unsweetened cocoa powder (weird, but so good). I had that with steam-sauteed mixed greens and roasted root vegetables. Also, an apple.

There’s cocoa-spiced beef underneath the greens, parsnips and butternut squash.


1,651 calories, 88.6g fat (48%), 109.4g carbs (24%), 114.6g protein (28%)


1 Rep Max Floor Press (20 mins): I didn’t know what to expect with this and ended up doing too many rounds at a lighter weight. When I finally failed, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d actually reached my max, or if I was just tired. At least now I have a baseline for next time.

65#(5) — 75#(3) — 80#(3) — 85#(1) — 90#(1) — 95#(1) — 100#(1) — 105#(1) — 110#(F)


1000m Row + 1000 Run, for time: 9:58

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